X-box live gamertag thread**edited with list**

Sorry, I happen to have a very addictive personality when it comes to driving 250+ around Oahu with a crew of people.

I’ll be on after the game tonight.


…DOOM? lol

I suck and don’t have Splinter cell.

Edit…When did you send the request biotch? All of mine are currently answered.

Edit2…Just got it.

You must have went to bed already, I did last night at like 1am.

You NEED to get Rainbow 6…

Okay. I’ll get it after work tonight and start up on it…Just take it easy on my virgin ass. :shoot:

Hahah, I just got it over the weekend so I am not much better. I hate using a controller, HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE!!!

:tup: rainbow 6 is the best :slight_smile:

ah sorry i missed out last night. i fell asleep during heros >_<

jon and i beat casino vault :smiley:

will be around tonight fosheezy if anyone is game

Kevin, Skunk, Ken and I got about 10 down (Kevin did most of the work) from winning but Kevin got killed.

im down after the sabres game

im in


i knew ken wasnt shit :wink:

were you guys using shields? when we did it with 2 people, i had a shield and jon had the winner gun

how did you get shields?

haha adam :), i kept going commando style and was still wiping out 10 or so ;). if i would have taken my time we could have rocked out hard!

shields are in your equipment matt

Gamer tag: SpanoTSi
Games: Gears of War
Project Gotham 3

and im gonna add all the names when i get out of class

adams guy is GAY in the game. just an FYI

Gamer tag :XxKIMB0xX
Halo 2
All the Ghost Recons
Lost Planet

kimbo is such a shitty fighter, i hate that dude


here is a photographic representation of him


while doing a terror hunt, aaron left mid firefight because he noticed his “pants dont match” LOL :rofl:

That’s a fucking shock…

^^:rolljerk: He is a great street fighter…ALL DAY

LOL… i wasnt even playing at the time… just watching