06 Eclipse vs. rx7

The new eclipse commercial is a bunch of bull shit. For those of you that didn’t see it, it goes like this:
The commercial talks about how the new eclipse “demands respect” from some of the superiors. An 06’ eclipse v6 pulls up next to a 3rd. Generation Rx7 and the rx7 “bows down” to the eclipse. Mitsubishi is a joke.
I’ll stick to my rare one of a kind rx7 compared to any eclipse because within a few months, you’ll see as many 06 eclipses as you do cavaliers.
An rx7 is 255 stock and v6 eclipse 2-sixty sumthin, but a 7 would still roast it because an eclipse is weighted like roseanne barr. Nice try diamond star motors.

----I apologize if someone already threaded about this commercial

you should take out the “i heart rx7’s” from your sig and replace it with “i have sex with my rx7 every night”.

Its just a commercial dude.

I wanna see this now lol.

:violin2: OMG how old are we? Who cares?

There was a geico commerical before that had a dodge stealth in it getting like ruined by various environment things and at the end a bird shit on it. Did i cry about it? Yes of course, but not to the world. (previous stealth owner)

dude, my car is pure sex, is my sig. better now?



You should talk Mr. “I start threads about who has actually driven corvettes before 'cause I hear people make a lot of comments about them” and then give me negative reputation, lol

haha there was a thread bout this on the rx7 board a while ago :stuck_out_tongue:


Whoever said that?? i was just curious to see who had driven them.



OH yeah??..


lol WTF!! :lol:

You win, I’m too tired right now to make anything to top that, lol.

haha ok im going to bed :lol:

omg hahahahaha


Jon - 1
Josh - 0

i don’t know where you guys find this shit, but that is hilarious . . . . . lol


[office space] Umm yeeeaaah Diamond Star Motors was defunked in 1997… So it’s just mitsubishi now.[/office space]

And it’s just a commerical for christs sake.


Rofl @ this thread