07.03.06 - 4th of July BASH. read this. NOW.

OK. So between all the voicemails/ IMs / PMs / Myspace messages, I just cant keep up anymore.

So here is the deal.

Monday night from 7pmish on - 7.3.6 I am having a BONFIRE party @ my house.

There is going to be a FUCILLO hugeeee bonfire @ my house. Everyone is welcome to come and hang out!

In addition to the bonfire, there is literally going to be over 3k in fireworks blown off thorughout the night between me, Twizted, LetitripZ28, and a few others :wink: Just for an example, I bought this huge fucking tube thing thats like a foot and a half wide that fires 6 shots for 200 bux LOL. But besides that, there is a TON of stuff thats gonne be gettin shot off throughout the night to keep you entertained!!! There will be fireworks going off alll night so it should be tons o fun :slight_smile: I just want it to be a 4th of July that everyone will remember :):slight_smile:

Also, I already have pass mCass doing double back flips into my pond (naked) on his bmx bike so that should be GOOD times. :lol:

You guys dont want to miss out on this. It is going to be the event of the YEAR on nyspeed and a ton of fun :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention. There is also a KEG of COORS LIGHT that will be there in case anyone gets thirsty. :wink: PLEASE dont let me leave excess beer in this keg. I am counting on alot of help to get this baby emptied by the end of the night LOL. 21 and over only plz. :smiley:

And just an FYI. If anyone gets super hammered, you are more then welcome to stay over! We have 7.5 acres and a ton of room for anyone that wants to crash out for the night so they dont have to drive home! (you can even sleep in your car if you want. just DONT drive home fuckers!!!)

I already know Sherm and a few others are sleeping over and putting up a tent, so dont be shy, just get omg so wasted and put up a tent and then stay the night its all GUDE!!!

If you have any questiions, just PM/IM me. I will be glad to help and give you the address where its all goin down.

Those of you that ive talked to, i will see you all there soon enough. :slight_smile: Everyone else, you better fucking get there one way or another!!!

i’m going just to watch tv in the basement :tup:

:tup: sounds like a good time. I will surely be there

LOL aight well you can come over another time to watch the 60 incher cause trust me bro you dont wanna miss out on the shit goin down throughout the night in the backyard :lol:

Once again. Everyoe thats gonna come out, PM me for address. :tup: :slight_smile:

lol for some reason i just imagined DMX’s crew in your backyard stunting all over the place in their 4 wheelers like in the ruff ryders anthem video. now that’d be some ill shit hahahahaa GET AT ME DOG

haha. word thats a small part of it yo! but the good shit will be goin down by the bonfire throughout the night yo! :smiley:

<— teleports

EDIT: little buddy nothing, you should see the yogurt cannon on this dude :tup:

fuckin right doggie :tup: teleport your ass on down little buddy :slight_smile:

oh shit, where abouts is this ?

i might have to come and watch everyone celebrate my birthday …

not legal enuff… bah lol

you bet ur ass i’ll be there

its gonna be crazy

you bet your ass ill be driving the m3-less wonder there! :tup:

^^ YAY!!! :wiggle:

Someone get that crazy kid who likes being shot with bottle rockets to come :slight_smile:

HAHAAH who the hell is that?

Brians buddy

LOL… this night is gonna be HILARIOUS

i am really trying to not have a firework blow up in or around my hand. I need to stop making up crazy firework concoctions every year… but damnit… it’s so hard not too and i know mike will probably want to do the same… just so we can see bigger explosions and flames…:slight_smile:

Did you go to that sky king place?