1/16/07 DORIFTO MEET ** With VIDS**

bi-polar is a very misintepreted term…people see “bi” and automatically think 2…2 personality, 2 opinion, etc…actually what you’re thinking of is simply called split personality, or multiple personality disorder…

bi-polar disease is simply defined as manic depressant…aka, sudden and sometimes violent mood swings in serious cases…somebody who’s very happy then a second later something very minor throws them into a depressed slump…

just an FYI so you dont make the mistake in the future lol…

o ok sry andy lol

Truth x 100000000000000ty billion

slopoke where were you. I watch 2 hours of 24 (which was awsome BTW) 2 episodes of mythbusters and future weapons. but you didn’t make it. I love DVR.

He doesnt wanna turn the camera over to Devin cause there might be a sex tape on there, he doesnt want anybody to see

the Slopoke Sex Tape…lol

Children, children. Anyways I’m available tonight and any night after 6PM. Would probably take me 2 hours or so to get it edited and online.

I don’t think he gets out of work till 9, so it will be a late night of editing.

So it takes a extra day. :shrug:

Will probably take me an hour to capture the video anyways.

Slopoke sex tape?

More like 1/2 a second sex tape. :stuck_out_tongue:

and a slow poking, at that.

justin please dont think of me poking anything

LOL if I were even thinking nasty…

it would be the other way around.

well i would just like to add to this post…

tonight i was going to do some drifto at the mall, i drive in the back and guess what i see…

mall security in the back lot doing donughts!!! hmmm what a punk… so i drove back there and starting doing them to and he flashed his lights so i just drove away…

but it proves that the rent a cop is a punk also

LOL what a douchebag.

Teaser for the Tug-O-War vid…




all you need to know is

S-10 > * in winter

and yes, those black marks emenating from the tires of the truck are sprayed rubber

HAHA Yes Super Snow Burn Outs

We still need the video for it.

Hint, hint, nudge, nudge.

Glad you love my old car and you havent blown it up yet :slight_smile: