1/16/07 DORIFTO MEET ** With VIDS**

Whose in?

Im game

say around 8:30ish?

Mighty Taco Parking Lot

And someone bring a camera with the ability to upload video.

I would love to play Camera Man, but I think a little later might be good for some of our friends who get out of work at 9. Cal?

meeting at mighty? i might stop by…not sure yet, get out of school at 6:45…not so sure how much drifting i’ll be able to do with an ebrake as shot as mine though

if its a neon, dont worry, me and 01audis4 spun cals neon around by hand. neons = amazing siqqqqqqq dorifto machines

Looks like i get to show everybody how us RWD guys doo it. :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s a civic…

and don’t talk to me about RWD snow drifting…just ask Fuzzy about the Apple Tree Mall parking lot last year… SIQQQQQ!!1!11!


this year

walden galleria, ask fuzzy :wink:

ill be down. :wink: turbo cavalier powaaaa~!

RWD >*

where is this going down? im deff in for some siqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq drifting y0

Meet at the mightyy taco parking lot on NFB around 8ish

with what snow

the two plus feet that fell last night, covering the inch of ice that fell the night before

UHOH we have a pussy alert!

MikeRi24 (6:08:52 PM): no can do the dorifto meet tonight
White00s10 (6:09:42 PM): why not?
MikeRi24 (6:09:47 PM): 2 reasons
MikeRi24 (6:10:18 PM): #1: my car is in the street right now beacause theres 3" of snow in my driveway, and the GTO inst having it lol
White00s10 (6:12:13 PM): umm
White00s10 (6:12:16 PM): thats only one reason
MikeRi24 (6:13:53 PM): i had to go dowstaris
White00s10 (6:14:02 PM): liar
White00s10 (6:14:07 PM): you were googling your other reason
MikeRi24 (6:14:21 PM): #2: i dont wanna beat on my car even the slightest bit cuz right now im trying too get a new clutch out of GM.
White00s10 (6:14:23 PM): Pussy

Me and Joe (nitroinsane) will be up at 8. Meet at mighty FTW

yea i gotta eat first so we may be late as the fam is pussy footing around not cooking. i also have to poop right now

if i can get my car running right (yeah right) and my ebrake fixed i might be down.

i’ll be there around 8 as well


Saw you last night. Saturn FTW

ill have my camera mounted on dash for some good vids…