1-2-1 shift


[ame=“http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWUbgGarhdc”]YouTube - MIR Import vs Domestic 11/09/08 Integra[/ame]



just happened yesterday and mir

ouch that sucks




So that is how front wheel drive gets on 2 wheels at the track…

Oops… lol

wow, that is amazing

“**** what the **** **** **** what the **** was that”

I assume that car was toast afterwards?

He dident make anymore passes after that. No one said how many RPMS it showed on the Datalogs.

Wow …

Even if the car could make more passes, I would be willing to bet the driver couldn’t. He probably dislocated his neck on that one. :smiley:

thats rediculous. i have done that before though in my firebird i def saw the tach make it to about 8000 rpm and i slammed the clutch back in my buddy did it a bout 3 months later on my car when i told him to race a vette while i was drunk in the pass seat. just need to get use to a car. atleast it was a stick and not a pussy auto car like some people on this board:stick:

wow i would be totally amazed if nothing was wrong with that car…and yes thats the first FWD wheelstand i have ever seen !!! :slight_smile:

I said the same thing to myself when i seen it… Most of everyone around me at the show was like “wtf mate?”

wow… im amazed that the diff isnt laying on the track…