10 Years

Damn. I’ve know some of you guys for 10 years now :noes:


Where is alerokid, scott delacy and that whole crew lol

Been about that long for sure…

I was going to post some pictures but we all had such shitty cars, lol.

I think it’s about 9 here, somewhere around 2002 I joined that other board with my sweet WRX (wow I though that thing was cool when it was new). LOL


Found alerokid, lol;


Scott’s married with at least 1 kid. Brian had a kid before 2001. Haven’t talked to either in a long time.

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This was the first night I met you, Spence and the rest. Back in '03;

Haha there it is!!! I guess we weren’t doing to bad back then.


I hate all of you. Fggts.


wish i still had some pics of my corrado … or my merkur’s

10 years ago huh, lol I drove illegally.

I was 9 ten years ago.

You’re all a bunch of pedos!

i was 8.

Very Nice ^ Thanks for the old pic :tup:
That is starting to feel like a long time ago now, fuck I am getting old…

The only person I knew 10 years ago (aside from walker and Newman) was jeller, my good friends older brother. I remember going over to his house and being in awe at all of the siiqqq whips that were always there. Also, taking a ride at about 100 down xxxx like a week after jeller got that 337 hahah those were the days!!

So pretty much this is a website disguised as a car forum but is actually a pedo meeting site?

I was almost legal…

In Sudan.

see here: link

… back when 14 seconds was fast…


and the unofficial launch of ubrf was 9/11/01 (AZNLOL). so we are gettin there, but not 10 years just yet…

Christopher’s Meets
Southlake Meets


love that supra! thank god those stock wheels are long gone