12.95 at 103.83 mph

Finally did it! i’m so excited to post the results of todays race.

I recently added 1.6 roller tip rocker arms this weekend and got the car ready to run today. And man did it ever get up and go!!

The DA today was the lowest i’ve ever seeeen! 49 degrees, 29 dew point, 30.54 pressure… = 188 FEET!! Were at 1200 ft here in the pittsburgh area last time i checked.

That made the difference.

First run of the day was 13.02 at 103 and i was feeling good! Next pass a 12.9985 at 103.83 on a 1.727 60 foot. Trans started holding 2nd abit longer than normal and didnt shift quick and i ran a few 13.01-13.02’s even with new best 60 of 1.706!! I stood up on the converter abit more this time and it launched harder!

1.710 60 foot
5.236 330ft
8.216 at 82.25
10.79 1000ft
12.957 at 103.83 mph

Congrats…cracked the 12’s…SWEET!


congrats!!! i hope to be there next week with my new heads and cam!!!

Congratulations!. Someday I’ll be there, not today.:slight_smile:


good job

Congrats on the 12. :bigok:

the last time I went to the prp, i think the da was like 2400:ugh2: it was like 80* out w/ 95% humidity… that’s perfect racin weather right there.

congratulations on the new best !!!

steelcity, do you have a red car and were you racing today? there was a very quick red evo out there

hey atleast you broke 12’s with out blowing your rearend apart lol

Yes that was me

ya thats the same red evo i pointed out to you before the first round.lol



thats what i thought! lol thank guys

Wow…12’s in the L98. That thing still has stock heads and cam right? If so I give mad props…there are a lot of LT1/LS1’s that can’t grab 12’s on stock heads and cam.

Yep still stock heads/cam but i have 1.6 rocker arms so brings the cam lift up abit. but basically rocker arms are bolt ons and to be honest, they may not have given me much performance. hard to say since i cant compare previous times to this run since the weather was so different

There have been bone stock LS1’s hitting 12’s on street tires i hear. but it doesnt take much for them to go 12’s at all. just stall and slicks will bring a stocker mid high 12’s or better.

I’m squeezing as much performance as i can out of this car. there isnt much left in it now if anything at all! LT1’s/Ls1’s with same mods as me should be mid lower 12’s. Sam’s LT1 went 12.96 at 106 the day i went 13.24… his car is on street tires with stock auto trans and has less bolt ons than me. if he gets slicks/stall, he’ll be mid 12’s EASY in good air like this sunday