1970 Mini cooper with........a type R V-tec?!


:headbang::eekdance: hot


33,500, that is an insane price

there are SO many of these. that price is insane.

ha! The damned thing even has AC.

Waaaay too $$ though.

Gay underachiever who spent too much money for something so basic. Here is a cool setup and yes they made pickup versions of the mini back in the day. I am sure a rear subframed v8 conversion would cost just a tad less that 25k.





Can you say torque steer?

Still, bet that’s a blast to drive.

Insane price,I like this swap better though…

way too much money. that’s a popular swap in the mini circles.

Can’t help but wonder, how do people drive the wheels of the car, while keeping the engine/tranny intact?

i’m from the hood stupid

wow what a great idea

but yeah, i’d Never pay that much. maybe 20k for one that was Done.

I actually like them for some reason.

I’d like to have a mini someday.