1991 240sx Hatchback - 5 speed, little to no rust, non hicas, 5 lug

Bought this car from Dylan a couple months ago but am now selling due to schooling reasons, very upsetting and annoying but I don’t know if I have a choice right now.

So yeah I’m just going to post the Kijiji link because I have absolutely no idea how to post pictures here:

If interested leave me an email or pm me on here - either one works fine.


its a good car!

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those are STD V3 coils and they have like -100kms when you got the car.

Thanks, Dylan!


part wheels for stock 7 spokes +cash?

Its 5 lug alex

Not interested in parting it anyway, thanks for the offer nevertheless.

Price is obo, also entertaining trades.

New link will be up in a bit.

keeping - lock

good to hear! Better see you at the track!