1997 k20 power honda civic dx hatchback red


What’s the deal with this Mike?!? What’s the next project?

:ponder twojayzeee???

IS NA-T V160 :mwahaha

Cant believe you never finished it mike

yeah Mike, QUITTER!!

joey wants to buy it

yeah his turbo kit :ninja

hes seeing those healthy E5 active duty paychecks now so the reality of the IS is that much closer. beleive me, as a single 20-something, the checks hes getting right now, plus the other pays as well is plenty!



i thought u had a turbo already

That picture was in regards to the recent NWS crisis we had on the forum :rofl

and no i had a Greddy kit, but didn’t feel like getting things made for it and just was lazy so i sold it and bought another car

even if i finished it i know i will still want to sell it and start the new project, for the same reasons i moved on from my previous car. i got a good deal on this car and wanted to have a little fun for the summer.

follow the dream man. Turbo Is/V160!

i gotta pick up a longblock on the side to build over the winter.

rofl nice

long block, easy enough… finding the V160… might have go to the dealer for that

Yea good luck with the tranny. Those things sell for so much

I would totally buy this is somebody bought my pile

all u guys do is sell shit :stuck_out_tongue: