1st Annual Hybridynamics and PITTspeed.com Dyno Day


Finally I got around to starting to edit videos we took this summer. Here is one of the first!

High Res 160MB
Low Res 26MB


my computer will prob shut down becaus eo f low memory.


Nice clear video. System of a down, damn i thought i was only one who listend to them


Very Nice Work And Thanks For The Extra 40 Hp


Very nice vid. And system of the down is the shit.


haha… whoops!

thanks for the comments guys, first video I ever really edited. Still learning the software


my theme music was the bomb
thanks john



i am downloading i now i cant wait…
thanks whitey

edit: my car looks like poop…lol i love it


great job



hope i run a lil stronger this year :smiley:




i fixed problems/ leaks/messed up turbo this winter.
with my weak numbers i have no place to go but up.

also thanks again to hybridynamics for the parts and install


Is that right that the silver neon and the Grand National both put down the same numbers (343/411)?


that neon was fast.
his no2 really boosted that little car alot past his staged mods


I dont think that is bad for a N/A 5.0. You only have a mild cam right?


Sweet #'s…what all is done to that thing?


it was 329hp and 340tq then

just a lid and loudmouth then, now i got the full exhaust so hopefully it should be around 350 at the wheels


I thought it said 370? Anyways I bet you will be at 350 after headers.


it was a typo


a nice streetable cam is what i really need now