20-24 pin ATX adapter.....

So i am putting together my first computer…

My mother board… Asus PC-DL Deluxe ( Dual 2.0GHz Xeons ) requires a 24 pin atx connector… problem is my PSU only has a 20 pin connector…

Went online saw they made an adapter… said, sweet! … went to local computer store to pick one up, ( HSitech on military road if I remember correctly ) and the guy there said he really didnt recommend using the adapter… that the Xeon’s are gonna need alotta juice and said I should go with a PSU with a 24 pin connector.

Now I did some reaserch as well, others said they have had problems with insufficient PSU’s. Come to find out they make specific PSU’s for dual Xeon setups… yadda yadda…

Now my question is… would the adapter suffice… it’s seems like a bandaid, kinda like a piggy back AFC … ie. It will work, but not as intended. I don’t wanna use the adapter only to find the PSU crap out because it’s being over drawn.

The adapter would suffice IMO.

Juice is juice, it’s not loosing wattage through the adapter.

I think you are going to be fine… you’re running what, maybe 2 hard drives, an ATi 9800 and your duallies… on a 450watt…

MY concern is the line that the adapter splits may not be intended to draw more current, which may occur being split… the voltage is not the problem, voltage in parallel is voltage… but, the more lines you split, the more amps are gonna be drawn… just don’t wanna shorten the life of a power supply that could possibly be used in my current setup…

Lots of uber LEDs too… don’t forget those… and that sweet LED fan too.

I wouldn’t worry about the adapter… I would more worry about your power supply.

But I wouldn’t even worry about that…

I had ATI all in wonder Radeon Pro

5 7200 RPM HDDs

Dual PII 750s

7 Fans

  • 2 CPU fans

on a 400 watt… np

What brand is your PS? Thats always a factor… If you have a good name brand PS you probably wont have a problem.

On the other hand, having PS issues can really fuck up your hardware. If it was patching up an old system until you get your new one I’d say go for it. But, I wouldn’t take a chance with a new machine, its not worth the potential damage.

That said, if you have a good PS you may get away w/ it, but I’d probably go for a new PS anyways.

New PS ftw.