2003 Lincoln LS V8 Sport blk/blk w/ Nav.


2003 Lincoln LS V8 sport.
Touch-Screen Navigation
Back-up sensor
THX sound
Michelin tires (have pirelli snows)
Have receipts for all repairs and work done with car at Lincoln service dept.
2nd owner

It took me close to a year to find the exact model I wanted. I did not want the chrome wheels because they are notorious for pitting and flaking due to the salt. The car has everything plus. Back-up sensors, Nav w/ in-disk cd, Auto seats, HEATED and COOLED seats, 3.9 v8 which gets changed every 3,500 with mobil 1 synthetic EVERY time. I bought the car a few years ago from an off-lease with 33,000 miles. I just hit 76,500 a few days ago. Brakes, including rotors and pads were replaced at about 65,000 with all paperwork in hand. About 6 months ago I also replaced a lower control arm, bushings, and strut. Three months ago I replaced all four sway bar links (known to go with age). The car has been garaged kept its whole life. I am very VERY picky when it comes to detailing and mechanical work being done. The only thing that could possibly come up on the carfax would be the replacement of both Xenon headlights and LSE grill in Novemeber. A mile from my house a deer ran infront of me and did no damage except crack one headlight and break my front grill. Instead of replacing just the one headlight i decided to replace both. The hood is new and also the bumper was painted at that time too (got the most out of my Geico I could). The sound system is THX and the rear two 6x9 were replaced with Alpine type R. Along with that, from the rear seats to the trunk has been sound deadened with dynomatt. Any questions or if you want more pictures pm me. $9500 obo

looks and sounds like a great car! Paging Somedude!!!

Thanks, I just took a few interior pix of the black leather and NAV, if anyones interested PM me.

is this auto? or lucky enough to be one of the rare manual trans’d ones?

I believe you can only get a manual in a V6

Yes they only come in a V6. Mine is auto but has the select shift.

I remember a silver one locally that was a v8 and stick…he had super hideous chrome wheels and graduated from OP

Edit: I just wiki’d it, its not very clear but I guess the kid was a liar when I asked if it was the 6 or the 8.


This is true, back when (somedude) was looking for one a few years ago we found that out. What a bum deal on Lincoln for teasing everyone. Manual is V6 only.

Found a car I want. New price on the lincoln, for a fast sale.


looks super sexy GLWS

Still for sale, can u send pics cant see anything…text pics if u can 716 5256720

Pictures sent. Car is still for sale because I love it and have NO problems with it at all. I feel taking such a big hit on the price doesn’t justify, but there is a new car that sparked my eye and if I want it, I need to move fast.

pictures look nice…is this RWD or FWD???


These are nice looking cars.

Some one buy this to do heaterzzzzzz with. I bet i holds its own too lol

Can you send me pics?