2003 ZO6 For Sale


Posting this up for a poker buddy of mime. I know I don’t have all the details but if you’re interested, PM me and I can hook you guys up. Thanks.

2003 Z06 (50th Anniversary)

48K miles
Comes with factory “grey” wheels
Aftermarket intake
Borla Exhaust

$ 22,000.00

My friend owned this and he sold it to another of our friends. I believe it has only (3) owners and the current owner hardly ever drives it.


True of most Corvette owners, lol. GLWS!


ive never seen that wing on a vette before. looks kinda odd actually


Kinda reminds me of a 3000GT wing.


It’s an early wing. Looks better in person IMO.


Are all of those pep boys mods stock? Vents, gas door, etc


I doubt they’re stock. I know the fuel door isn’t. You’re have to ask him.