2005 F-350 Crew Cab

Posting this up for my friend (who helped me with my recent rebuild). With the overwhelming response I got on my truck here I decided to post his up here as well. After he had my new rig up on the lift this weekend (which is simply stupid clean underneath, I can’t begin to say just how clean) he got the bug to look for an F150 like mine. He’s located in Hamburg. Let me know if you have any questions or want to get in touch with him directly. Thanks all.




Makes me want to get rid of my Daily SUV and get this

Guys with big ***** drive big trucks.

Then I would never pass the ownership test…sigh

Can I test drive it

I don’t think he’d have an issue. Are you going to drive it like your Jeep or like a normal human being?

Well I cant do burnouts in my jeep so I guess I’m forced to drive it like a normal human being.

If you’re completely serious let me know.