2005 TRX450r

Location: Pembroke, NY
Contact : 585-721-7092
Open to trades or $3000 OBO

2005 TRX 450R
Oem cyinder
Oem piston
Oem head
New valves and valve seals
New oem timing chain
TC full exhaust.
42mm flat slide carb and adapter.
Custom intake.
JB subframe
Nerfs with fat pegs.
JB +1 stem
JB bar mount
JB throttle assembly
JB a arms +2 /+1
Steering dampener
Baldwin front spindles.
09 swing arm, axle.
09 shocks all around.
Dunlop quad cross fronts
Holeshots rear.
Have paperwork.


@FourEyed make this go away

Wow. Such colors. many shades…

Trade for a 2012 KTM 350SX?

I actually would lol. It would take up less space.

Color choices by @newman

GLWS dude!

Yeah, I might start making in not look like a clown had sex with it. It’s how I got it, well actually it was in a pile of parts.

Bump for no longer looking like a box of trix.


Do you still have this? My buddy who is looking to sell the outlander is looking for a sport quad.

Sold. I’ll sell him my renegade. Lol

Naw he’s looking to a sport/racing quad.

Might have a 09 trx450 ER for sale soon

He wants a 450r or 400ex so when its for sale let me know.