2007 Ford Mustang GT Premium (supercharged) 20k miles $23,590


As the title states this 2007 mustang is supercharged and will be a fun summer cruiser.

In addition to the supercharger it has upgraded suspension. I am not 100% on the set up but I can get details on that shortly. If someone is interested we can set up an appointment and put it on a rack for you.

As always when buying from Basil you will get the below components covered for the life you own the vehicle.

-Cylinder block and head, and all internal parts
-Intake Manifold
-Timing gears and gaskets
-Timing chain/Belt and cover
-Valve Covers
-Oil Pan
-Oil Pump
-Engine Mounts
-Supercharger Housing and internal Parts
-Engine control computer
-Water Pump
-Fuel Pump
-Seals and gaskets

Base engine size: 4.6 L
Cam type: Single overhead cam (SOHC)
Cylinders: V8
Valves: 24
Valve timing: Variable
Torque: 320 ft-lbs. @ 4500 rpm
Horsepower: 300 hp @ 5750 rpm
Turning circle: 36.5 ft.
Base engine type: gas
Drive type: rear wheel drive
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Rear limited slip differential
MacPherson strut front suspension
Solid live axle rear suspension
Front independent suspension
Stabilizer bar stabilizer bar
Fuel type: gas
Fuel type: regular unleaded




Thank you in advance for looking, please contact me with any questions

-John Kramer

716 479 1084

Also if anyone knows someone looking and I will offer a finders fee

glws dude, stay in touch.

“The following components are covered for the life that you own the vehicle.”

If you are reffering to engines4life you may want to just double check that, a vehicle with an aftermarket s/c will not be honored under that program.

Very nice looking GT though glws

I Did and as of right now it is covered

300hp? After supercharging?

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300 before

lol you cannot cover an aftermarket blower under engines for life.

Do you work at Joe Basil? I just spoke with my used car director and he said it will be covered…so if you are interested in the vehicle please give me a call and we can discuss numbers!


This car will be a great summer cruiser!

No i just sold engines4life for 8 years, and know for a fact aftermarket parts are not covered.



I guess we will have to do some more research

Johnny, did your manager say it was covered or was your above post sarcastic?

Sell the fucking car, asshole.

As far as we know it will be covered, but I will still be doing some more research


must have a taillight warranty on it :slight_smile:

Mine says ANY mods void the warranty.