2011 Yamaha Stryker 365 miles

2011 Yamaha Stryker
365 miles
1300cc twin
LED kit for rear tail light
Aftermarket pipes by Cobra that sound awesome!
One chip on the exhaust pipe by the rear foot peg







Did you get Batman’s autograph when he traded it in?

I passed this on to a broad I work with that would be interested in trading in her Vstar650 and a snowmobile towards this if that’s a workable deal…she says she’ll call when she gets a chance.

Sure, we can probably make that work. Have her come see me.

Damn this bike is sleek! GLWS!

so my co-worker is an idiot and didn’t listen to me to ask for you. she apparently came by and the bike was out front so she was looking it over and got picked up by just a random salesman…and they basically told her they weren’t really interested in a snowmobile cause of how many you have right now and that they’d give her $1100 for her Vstar. LOL. she says she’s going to try to sell her Vstar outright and then look again.

Is it bad that I know you’re going to sell me something as soon as I liquidate most of these cars/bikes?