2015 Z06 2lt 4xx miles, 8 speed auto W/pics

Just over 400 miles, super clean, one owner, no stories all the fobs, window sticker, books, ect. Cleaner than new Please contact me for details.716 479 1084

More pictures on request, if you refer someone to me and they buy the car I will send you $500 Asking $80,990.00


I saw you backing that thing into it’s spot up front this morning. No burnouts. Disappointed.

Also, if you guys could cross post this elsewhere that would be great


how much for the yellow zr1?

mid 20s

$1,000 racing stripes??? :slight_smile:

please help me unload this beast, someone has to be looking for a z06 ha ha

@Kramer , I’m just curious what the original owner was thinking. Lose your ass on taxes and depreciation… or did he die or something? lol

he is no loner with us…

Ahh, poor guy… but he went out the right way. RIP

My father procured his Tacoma the same way. An older gentleman bought it as his final act before departing this earth. My father scored a good deal as such.

GLWS bud, hope all is well.

I cant stop running this scene through my head

Dr. Fishman: Excuse me, Mr. Bluth. We lost him. He just, uh… got away from us. I’m sorry.

bump, come on someone wants to go fast

Too bad it’s not white :confused:

no problem I have two white ones floating around here somewhere, they are new

Toss it on OVE, it might get some attention there.

that seems like more of an auction site?

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Might stop by today

shoot me a text 716 479 1084, also I just took in a 4k mile stingray with comp seats z51 ect


there is such thing as a “gas guzzler Tax” ? LOL