2018 WNY-SCCA auto-x (Ralph Wilson Stadium & Seneca Army Depot) Schedule


I’m getting the autocross bug again. Might have to bring the CC out and see how it does since I don’t have anything fast to play with anymore. 2012 VW CC 2.0T. Bone stock. No CC’s listed in the classing book but since it’s internationally know as the Passat CC I’m guessing it falls into GS?


Sure, seems about right.

But just to be sure it gets classed properly why not stage 3 apr tune, a better diff, coilovers, and some Hoosiers, and then we can be certain it belongs in SMF.


Yeah sucked my intake pipe popped off my MAF/air filter on the 5th and 6th run so I didn’t do all 8


Today I’m going with a friend bump



Event 4 New Era Field in Orchard Park, NY: July 16th
OOR 1 Xerox Building 208 in Webster, NY: July 23rd

CNY has what looks to be a nice site this year, I haven’t been out to it yet, next is August 13th:



it has been years since i have been to a autoX event. do i need to pre register? I want to go on the 16th. i have to decide if i should bring my gutted A8L with the slowest steering rack in history, or bring my 2015 A6 which is a lot heavier and slower but has fast steering.


You don’t have to pre-reg, but it makes things a lot easier in the morning. https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/wny-scca-event-3-new-era-field-western-york-421991

A8 sounds more fun, A6 would be easier to pick out a car or two to gauge competitiveness.

Doubt the steering is slower than some of the late 60’s cars that show up from time to time.


My girlfriend’s sister went and had here baby this weekend so we had to go start and a baby for hours on sunday, i am bummed i really wanted to go


I should have brought this up earlier, but FLR is hosting a night auto-x. First car off at 7 and finish around midnight?



Last local one for the year.


Next Sunday.

And we have Seneca Army Depot back.


Where can I find a rulebook? I’d like to give it a shot sometime this summer. I don’t want to go crazy at a national track like Watkins Glen until I get some seat time. Autocross sounds like a better fit for me. My car had Trofeo-R’s on it but now has Potenza’s on it. Anything I should do to prep the car better?


Woah, nice one! Someone greased some skids :tup:


If your car is stock, then it is F Street “FS”. Best prep is stock and work on the nut behind the wheel, most mods will put you in a higher class without any real advantage. There is another guy there with a 1LE, usually he wins street class.

Trofeo-Rs would have taken you out of “Street” class because they are what 60 TW? Street is now 200 TW and above.

There are 3 classes for the Camaro to be competitive in:
FS (F street) - mostly stock, but can replace shocks but not springs, +/- 1" wheel diameter (same width), any 200 TW tire.
STP (Street Touring P) - almost no limit on suspension springs (gotta keep stock mounting), light power mods, wider wheels, any 200 TW tire.
CAM-C (Classic American Muscle C) - no limit on suspension, no limit on power, any 200 TW tire.

Quick rules: https://dk1xgl0d43mu1.cloudfront.net/user_files/scca/downloads/000/019/200/2017-01-18-Quick-Reference-of-Category-Allowances.pdf?1485463261

Long rules: https://www.scca.com/downloads/40392-2018-solo-rules-complete-reduced/download


I traded in my 1LE and picked up a '15 Z/28. It comes from the factory with Trofeo R’s. The dealer swapped them for Potenza’s. I’m not sure which tire exactly is on it now. A quick look shows some Potenza’s at 140 tw, and others at 280 tw. Would suck to get bumped to a tougher class with a bone stock car though.


Honestly, if you haven’t done Auto-X before don’t sweat the classing, tires, blah, blah, blah.

Just go, let them do the nerd work and have fun learning & driving the course. Don’t worry about competing until later.


OK, the Z/28 is:

“AS” with no mods (but need 200TW tires).
“SSR” with no mods (and any tire on stock width wheels)
“STP” not eligible, because it is too awesome
“CAM” still eligible.

Honestly if the only thing you have is 140TW, and it’s your first year we would probably let you stay in Novice “AS”, unless you were winning every single event. I would still think you would be able to gauge your performance off of the raw time of the lower class “FS” Camaro, and “BS” C5 Corvettes and M2.

Best method is ignore the classing rules, pick a few cars that you should be faster than, and compare your progress from event to event.


Just looked today and they are indeed TW 140 tires.


What the hell does (102Y) mean?



102 is load rating
Y is speed rating 186 mph
(Y) is speed rating in excess of 186 mph

Z in this case is completely redundant and just sounds cool to say “I got me some Z rated tires”. Z is speed of 149+mph.

I am pretty sure we are moving to a system that gets rid of classing for Novice and it will be based on raw time. So for WNY events I would class the car as stock until you win Novice Stock, then move you into Mod because “technically” your tires are too good. Or you could start in Novice Mod.

I haven’t seen any testing, but I wouldn’t be surprised that the 200TW RE71R is a better autocross tire than the 140TW RE050.

The next event for WNY’ers is 5/5 and 5/6 hosted by Misery Bay Region, the test & tune should be a bunch of runs:

The next event hosted by WNY-SCCA is an INFORMAL novice school and test & tune 4/19 at Seneca Army Depot, but is limited to 40 spots:


I looked at the schedule and it said New Era field on June 3rd. Sundays work good for me!