2022 WNY-SCCA auto-x (Ralph Wilson Stadium) Schedule

2018 New Era Field AND Seneca Army Depot

*** Registration is now via MotorsportsReg.com. Everyone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE register before the event to make on site registration easier for everyone ***

Event 1 - New Era Field - 4/14/19 - WNY SCCA Solo 2019 Event 1

Test & Tune 1 - Seneca Army Depot - 6/1/19 - WNY SCCA Solo 2019 Test & Tune 1

Event 2 - Seneca Army Depot - 6/2/19 - WNY SCCA Solo 2019 Event 2

Novice School - New Era Field - 6/15/19 - WNY SCCA Solo 2019 Novice School

Event 3 - New Era Field - 6/16/19 - WNY SCCA Solo 2019 Event 3

Event 4 - New Era Field - 7/7/19 - WNY SCCA Solo 2019 Event 4

Test & Tune 2 - Seneca Army Depot - 7/20/19 - WNY SCCA Solo 2019 Test & Tune 2

Event 5 - Seneca Army Depot - 7/21/19 - WNY SCCA Solo 2019 Event 5

So bring out your old, riced out, dirty, low quality cars and DRIVE the shit out of them (wheel bearings, rod ends, etc. unfortunately have to be maintained).

Members: $35.00
Non-Memebers: $45.00
Spectating: FREE

Want to drive? Pre-rejestration helps move things along SCCA - Western New York Region | MotorsportReg.com, get there at 8-8:30 ish, walk the course so you know where you are going, get your car tech’d so a wheel doesn’t fall off and garbage doesn’t hinder your driving and your battery doesn’t become a 50 lb proectile, listen to a driver’s meeting and start driving around 10-10:30. Are you brand new? There’s a first time for everything, ask for an instructor that will help you to pick up a driving line, drive harder, brake later, weight transfer more transferier.

Want to watch? Get there around 11:00, things should be in full swing by then.

You can bring coffee, or RedBull, or Mt. Dew, just no beer during the event please.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to do the novice school/test and tune as the first event of the season?

I didn’t come up with the schedule, but I don’t think it has ever been the first event. And in my opinion, no it wouldn’t.

I don’t know their logic, but my logic is: You want the time to get the word out, get the friends of the friends coming to their first event either to watch, or sit shotgun, stumble through the first time. And then you can get them to the novice school.

That’s the logic behind not doing it for the before the 1st event, and we couldn’t do it before the 2nd even due to scheduling issues, so before the 3rd event it is.

Batavia used to be fun.

This Sunday bump.

yay autocross.

If anybody wants to auto-x but doesn’t have a car you may use mine. It’s free, but if you want to throw me $20-$40 for wear and tear or gas or my entry fee that’s cool too. I prefer novice’s with little to no experience. Must know how to drive stick.

First one to text me gets dibs.
2nd one to text me is on stand-by if the first person flakes out.

716-DEL-ETED (until next time)

This coming Sunday.

Last time I got there at 9:00, walked the course twice, tech’d the car, walked the course again, paid registration, driver’s meeting, started driving around 10:15, 6 runs in by 2:30-2:45. 2 more fun runs after that.

Any kids running karts now? Getting my daughter into a kart would get me back into autocrossing but it’s not a lot of fun to go there and have no one in your class.

EDIT: Looking at the results I guess I’d have to take the trip over to FLR if I wanted her to run with other karts.

damn. I still want to get the nova out to one of these but I won’t be done by then.

Yes, we had a kart at last event.

blah, blah, bump, novice school Saturday, blah, blah, tons of runs.

blah, blah, event Sunday, blah, blah.

Last event got in 7 runs, was finished, and course picked up by 2:00 because they take all day. Had no time to enjoy the rest of the day.

[mumble] sunday [/mumble]

Pole barn work Sunday. Priorities.

Will be there.

Excuse me for being a bit dumb here, for the sept 27th and the october event, which type of track is it? Is it just the oval one or is it all those in the picture? I’m thinking of taking my Priusmobile out there one of those days.

All the events are at a parking lot at Ralph Wilson Stadium. He included those other tracks just for a size comparison. If you’ve never done it I highly recommend giving it a try. Have an instructor ride with you at least your first few runs and you’ll learn a lot.

Here’s a video from one of the courses setup by WNY SCCA at the Ralph…

I’m sorry, this first picture should have read:

Lancaster vs. Ralph vs. Batavia (respectively):

As in Lancaster Speedway vs. Ralph Wilson Stadium Parking lot used by WNY-SCCA vs. Batavia International Motorsports Park (all in the same scale).

The second picture of Ralph Wilson Stadium Parking lot used by WNY-SCCA vs. Chapel Hill track which was NYSpeed’s last track day (all in the same scale). However as of the last event the lot was expanded to:

So parking lot racing is about 6 times larger.

Ok thanks for clearing that up. I’m afraid I’ll be the idiot who everyone standing there is like “What the… is he lost?” :smiley:

That’s why I mentioned taking an instructor your first few runs. That and get there plenty early so you can walk the course several times. Ideally you should be able to sit in your car with your eyes closed and mentally drive the whole course before your first run.