2018 WNY-SCCA auto-x (Ralph Wilson Stadium & Seneca Army Depot) Schedule


This will probably be the last race at Seneca Lake until the track gets fixed. There was a spot of sealer coming up that got progressively worse as the day went on. Still had a great time with the WNY designed course! Won my class, but I wasn’t happy with my driving. I was trying to be within 2 seconds of Bill Hunter. He’s very fast in his 1LE. I usually get faster as the day goes on but this wasn’t the case. My best run was my 3rd run. We got 8 total woot! 4 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon. I’m still too tentative in the slalom, leaving my car too much room on each side. Here’s a few vids. the in-car is my best run, the outside GoPro is one of my last runs that’s 3 tenths slower.


It was a long time ago but the last time I ran there they used the part of the runway to the south that looks like a “P” on the satellite image. Made for a really fun and longer than usual course. 42 seconds in a novice car seems like a really short course for all the room they have at Seneca. Guessing the problems with the paving had something to do with it?


The fastest “car” that ran was like a 39.994 or something. Most of the faster guys were around 41-41.5. I liked the course. I don’t need a 70 second course to have fun. We got 8 runs in instead of the usual 6 which made it nice. Plus less areas for cones to topple over makes for a smoother event. The last event there that I was at was a joke.


Saturday I set up a 27 sec course, with about 25-30 runs. Everyone had a super terrible time.


Only 6 days away from the next New Era event. I’m bringing a few new faces. PS, on Saturday the day before, one of the best local car shows is happening. The Rally at the Ridge.


Brought Choda out to co-drive with me and we went 1-2 today. Actually we went 1-2-3 because he talked our friend Brian into doing it as well. Brian has never owned any performance car in his life so he did what any early 40’s year old would do. He bought a Watkins Glen edition GS Corvette and dove right in. He went from being super timid in the beginning to attacking the course near the end. Tons of help from all of the instructors too! We had a blast!


Dale Kunze memorial run this Sunday.



104 pre-registered!

Weather looks great. Should be a fun event!


Ended up being a great turnout despite the weather. The rain stopped and the track was fairly wet but it cleaned up ok towards the end. I was in the first run group so we were the guinea pigs to push away the standing water lol. It was still a blast though. The course was great as usual. An amazing photographer was there and took about 1500 shots of us. Ended the season with a win and a bottle of champagne. Here’s my fastest run:



I was in the area but couldn’t stop by. There were several cars driving around with numbers marked on their sides, so I knew you guys ended up running :+1: