2nd Gen MR2 t-tops and steering wheel

I have a set of T-tops for an MR2 91-95. They have blue trim that has been painted black. The glass has a few blemishes, but no major cracks.


I also have a blue steering wheel from an N/A. Not the greatest shape, but it works. Includes the Air bag. $70

Located in Rome, NY
You can e-mail me at jonnyt88@yahoo.com as well, so I can the email on my phone.

is it a 3 spoke steering wheel?

No it is not… it would be the large airbag one with 4 spokes… Its stock from a 92

Do you have any other 2nd Gen MR2 parts besides these?

Holy bump… Since I put my WRX for sale here, let me bump this because I have the t-tops and the steering wheel still. Also, I occasionally take trips to Albany so I could meet someone there.

Luke, If you still want to know, I have some interior trim parts, possibly a 94+ antenna, and I plan on selling my 16" rims this winter. They are at my rental I own in Rome. Next time I am out there, I will get a list of everything

FYI, most forum members here are in the Buffalo / Western New York area, not Albany.

On topic, I am not in need of those parts you have, although it might not hurt to collect some spare t-tops just in case…

I can ship them now too! I bought a server appliance that came in a nice sized box. If your interested, I was thinking $125 shipped? I have no clue what it will cost to ship them.