6.28.2005 - Lunch Downtown

Going to Dagwoods with RPS13

mmm breakfast…

Anyone want in?

too far away :stuck_out_tongue:

hey, well I work down here so lick my sack

haha i actually considered going anyways just cause i’m hungry

if i wasnt reading this right at 12 id say i would have but kinda late already!.

IF I wasnt reading this at 12:35 id be there i am like 30 sec from there

hey howie, i work downtown at the marina, ill be down someother time. i actually would have probably been able to do this today too. let me know

Howie is a smarty, "hey, I think I will post this because it’s only 5 minutes before I have to be there and I know all my chums are on NYS Peed and can make it…:noob: :retard:

Yeah I’m right down near the marina also, would have been nice to have a little meet before work.

Where near the marina? im in the waterfront village.

i work on the miss buffalo 2