7.10.05 Taffy's meet playa

Taffy’s meet people, it gonna be a fantastic day. Take some pics for NYSpeed

edit link to pics is on page 2

i won’t be able to attend :frowning: i’ll be in north carolina

ill be thurrrrr

edit: gay, this is adam, not my homo roomate josh

I’ll be there

god dammit my car is still in surgery wont be back till end of next week :mad: i always miss the big meets

I’ll be there…

werd, count me in

I’m down

Prolly head up if I get the brakes done.

I should make it out there. Adam, give me a ring if you want to drive up.

Well I could go, really. I get out of work at 7.

work :cry:

ill b there

i’ll probably stop by :slight_smile:

damnit…i wanna go…

work ownz me til midnight…bah.

have fun though! :slight_smile:

word that sounds fine, i think josh wants to go too, so we can all go up together, call paul too

my computer is broken :frowning:

If the car is done by then I’ll be there :tup:

^^^ bring zee camera and I will bring mine!

Going to taste of buffalo, depends on when we get back. Sureshooter I’ll give u a buzz if I get back early enough


If you wanna pick my ass up :slight_smile:

The Z may or may not be done and the winter beater is sold so I’ve got no wheels for the moment.

Either way, camera is charging :tup: