7.7.2005 - First Official NYSpeed.com Meet

I talked to the owner of O Lounge (where I work)

and he it totally down with me inviting people out on Thursday.

It’s a bit more of a classier place, so don’t dress like a scumbag.

Drink specials in effect of course…

What time do you guys wanna start?


We need a banner

a banner of a boner

any time ish after 5 imo :tup:

when do they stop making sushi, because i have a craving for a flaming O, and I’m sure I’ll have one on the 7th as well

Ah, we’ll see if my work isn’t crazy that night :tup:

i won’t be able to make it until like 11ish

<-- teh down

sounds cool

I’m too young. :slight_smile:

im down

hmm… if someone calls and reminds me, I will appear

i love O…i’ll be there

Howie… Its thursday, can’t it be a different day? TITS

I be thurrrr

hrmm 8-??

isnt that a bar?

i dont drink

Sorry, I’ll be heading down to the Square.


hey yeah why not make it like weds or friday? i can’t read a calendar so i thought it was weds

Screw TITS, that’s every thursday - this is one thursday…

is anyone good even coming?

i’ll stop by after the square with my sister :wink:

if its the week of g love or the lowest of the low, you lose :slight_smile:

if its moe. you win
hippies stink



ok ok lemme see what I can do…