[8.06.2005] - Come watch me get old. Drunk.

7 PM - 9PM @ O Lounge (Go figure), 9PM - ??? I dunno? :stuck_out_tongue:

If you are under 21, please contact me. You probably won’t be able to drink.

$20 all you can drink (Call Liqour and blue/blue light)… with food

Menu is changed up :

Spicy Salmon

California Roll

WASABI SHUIMAI (not those pot stickers that we have been having)

Veggie Tempura

Gonna be my last birthday here… You can come and not drink… You can come and not do this thing and drink at normal happy hour prices… You can buy my shots…

but no means no… I will not puke… I’m sorry.

See you there…

:beer2: I’m in.


I will be there.

of course ill be there!

i will be…

WORKING!!! :frowning:

spicy crab :slight_smile:


I’m so there too!

Damn it Howie, that is Carribana weeekend!! :mad:

If I don’t stay in Toronto for the weekend, I’ll stop by. I still don’t know what my plans are yet.


i’ll help you celebrate :slight_smile:

I will be there :slight_smile:

Maybe we should get a whole bunch of people, head up to Toronto for the day on Sat for Carribana, see the big parade, party on Lake Shore, then drive back late night to O for Veggie Tempora/Sushi/etc :wink: That would be a much better Howie Day/Weekend.

8/6 is a saturday…you wont be working @ 9

^^^…oops…i was looking at the wrong date…


i will be there the second i leave the speedway. see ya bout 10:30

bah same day as the stag party and another party…3 partys in 1 day and ill be legal (finaly). hmmm where to go where to go…free booz and huge bon fire, booz and strippers but not free, booz and food but not free…hmmm…

Im down, and Mr. FoxGT mentioned somewhere that you needed an ownage picture, are you sure you don’t want shot after shot after shot???

im in for gettin f%^$ed up

ill be there :slight_smile:

i dont think howie would fit in too well for caribana weekend. i accidentally ended up there 2 years ago and i got quite a few nasty looks.

howie if im not working ill be derr. if i am working, ill just come after.