94 blazer advice

A friend of mine was telling me that if i put a different exhaust on my 4.3 vortec blazer it would help out my gas mileage significantly. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations?

Also, the four wheel drive button is not working, i.e. the four wheel drive is not working, anyone know where i should start?

And the radio keeps blowing the fuse.

Anyone that can help out would be greatly appreciated


not sure about gas a big difference, unless your cat is super clogged.
sounds like your transfer case is busted to me.
is it an aftermarket radio? i woudl check the connections.
if not find out what other things are on that particular fuse, then trace the wires.
just my ideas. good luck

no it’s stock factory radio, i just didn’t know if that was perhaps a common problem, like a ground somewhere that comes lose or something, i was hoping not to have to trace it all through the dash, lol. Yeah, he was saying that the stock exhausts on those were really restrictive, and if you got them breathing out better it would help out a good bit. I’m not overly familiar with blazers, so i figured i’d ask.


i would start with trying a new 4wheel drive switch b4 saying its a bad transfer case

also for the exhaust make it breath better, it helped some on my 4.3…

the actual switch in the dash you mean?

what type of exhaust did you go with, i don’t want to go crazy on price, but i don’t want it to sound like shit either.

yes actual switch in the dash ,does it light up?does it click when u push n e buttons?if that dont do it,it the motor on the side of the transfer case!ne aftermarket exchuast will pic up fuel milage,which fuse blows for the radio?


i had like a Flowmaster Cat back on mine, i would also do something with ur CAT either get a HIGH-Flow or ditch it

If the switch lights up and clicks when you push it the switch is OK ? also a friends Blazer is stuck in 4 high if you push it onto 2 wheel it will go in then go right back to 4 high . Is this a bad motor also ? Sorry to jack thread but it sounds almost like the problem my buddy is having .

:rofl: lol

thats a negative.

when did you buy this truck? what all have you done to it maintaince wise so far?

if the radio is stock it may not have been at one point in time and the wiring could be screwy somewhere along the line…I would check the connections and if theya re all fgood, follow the lines. I had similiar probelms w/ my blazer and it was bc some retard tried to put in his own system and fried the lines so the dealer just threw in a stock radio.

y is that a negative huh ?



Thanks Pewter you are the man .How much does that motor usually go for ?

4.3 vortecs are gas hogs…

end of story.

you can put a different exhaust on it and the gas may change…but significatly?

im not too sure about that.

ive had 2 of them, one 4wd and my bravada now has awd. yes my bravada hates me and loves my paycheck more than my blazer did, but gas sucks either way.

no 1 is arguing that they are NOT gas hogs…but doing a exhaust is going to HELP with MPG, give it alittle more power & make it sound decent too, and every little helps now a days with gas prices. Them 3 things alone are enough reason for me to do a Cat back & do a high flow cat or something

no the switch doesn’t light up at all, other than a junk yard, who can i get one from? I’m gona try that first. And thats what someone was saying today, either flowmaster or dynomax and put in a hi-flo cat. And it blows the fuse in the box under the dash.

which fuse ,the radio or accc one? try a parts store on the switch,if not go to GM!

The radio fuse

well,if u cant try another radio to rule it out,check the wire

thanks pewter, wow, you’re a lot nicer when there aren’t pics of my other car around, the beat ass “skylude” lol.

hrer to help & bust balls!!!:smiley: