A batch of my newer photos

I think this is my first non-auto photo thread I’ve made in a loooooong time… so here are some more recent ones:

These first 4 were taken at a park in Cheektovegas yesterday when my girlfriend and I went to wander around…

Not much to say about this one… I don’t love it, but i figured I’d throw it up here anyways.

The light ended up being pretty cool for this, since the little guy was in a little spot of sunlight, and all behind him was shade since it was a wooded area.

The dead among the living…

I really like how this one turned out, especially with the black and white conversion…

These were taken a week or two ago:

…Just sitting there, waiting for a little league game to be played and to be filled up with parents cheering their kids along.

I originally had this photo as a group of these things, but in the end cropped it down to a single one with some empty space on the right… I think it looks a lot better this way (especially since I’m a fan of simplicity a lot of the time).

“Zoinks! A clue!!”

Comments/critiques welcome and appreciated. Thanks for looking!

Nice pictures :slight_smile: Is that Losson?

that name sounds familiar, so probably haha

the squarel pic rules :tup:

I love the squirrel

Nice pics. you’ve got skills.

Impressive, as usual. Now when are you going to take some pictures of my car?!

nice pics now take some of my cah :wink:

Honestly, Dan. I really think you can make money with photos like that. It’s been a long time since I saw photographs that good.

that squirrel pic is awesome :tup:

^^^ and dan, lemme know when you take pictures of these guy’s cars, because I’d definitely like to see their rides in person too! very hotttt :tup:

Not quite up to your skillz… but here’s a pic I took at Losson a couple years ago



Dude… that was last week. Get your facts straight.

I love Newman’s facts.

and I love the pictures… especially the first one that you don’t, Dan.

what’s up with the bleachers one? I don’t get the message.
did you like the look of the lines?

nice pics~! :tup:

yeh i like the first one too

it’s just a cool place to sit if you’re looking to get cancer.

nice pics Dan, I also have a few shots from Losson Park. :tup:

lol newman

nice pics

Dan…you definitly have amazing talent…nice pics :slight_smile:

your the man