a few d series parts...

I have a head from my stock motor its a y7 with the intake mani…$100

I got a starter its from the y7 it’s a auto starter. $25

Also a harmonic balancer from the y7 w/ ac and powersteering…$20

also the stock exhaust manifold.$35

Distributor from a y8 its from 99 ex. $50

Email for pics if needed otherwise call me to setup a time for pick up!

Bump this stuff has to go… Make offers

Bump this stuff has to go… there are pics on craigslist!


Make offer if interested

pic of exhaust manifold?

My comp is down if you pm me a phone number I can take one with my phone and send it to ya…

do you have the auto shifter and shift linkage?

need that header NOW
and ur phone dont work!!!1


I will soon once I complete my auto to manual swap…


complete head? including studs?

Yea its complete you seen it when u came and picked up that exhaust manifold… Freshly painted valve cover high heat red…

vtec or no?

No y7`s are non vtec

ill let u kno
might be buyin acomplete d15 for $100

Even if you do. The head would look better than the d15 head. LoL its here if you need it bro! Do they have a 5spd trans by chance? The person your getting the d15 from?

maybe. ill let u kno. if i found a B swap, id sell ya my d 5speed

Well keep me posted. Im working on a bswap myself but I can’t get it till I sell my y8. But if I can’t get it then I will swap the hatch manual and boost the y8… Is your car vtec if so I need the ecu aswell…

no mines not vtec. make an offer on the tranny…

Got a y8 head w/ vtec solenoid… Got more parts then I know what to do with… Gotta move em… If you need anything at all chances are that I have em… mostly eg parts but some ek parts too…
Let me know what u guys need…