a week from today

it will be out. :burnout: :boink

oh man

f WOW i am playing that all weekend

Comp USA gets it Wed


me bitch! :slap:

haha x2


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i cant wait to play it!!

Hey guys, I have a ? about the whole play station, game cube topic. I use to LOVE these games… on nintendo, but then I kinda got out of it and never upgraded, well unless you count the game boy. I was recently thinking about investing in 1 of these games, but not sure if I would be overwhelmed. I mean the last game I played was probably super mario 3 on my nintendo cartridge that I had to blow into.

Do you think these games are easy enough to grasp?

my 4 and 6 yr old use them and play all my games. you should be fine.



I have a few nintendo cartriges around you could use :slight_smile:

no, 4 and 6 year olds have better attn to games like this. they’re sick games, without a doubt, but imho you need to really spend some time with these games to get good and see all the cool stuff. i just don’t have the time anymore to play the way the games were meant to be played. :hsugh:

or to justify spending the fitty beans, but that’s cause i’m cheap

PS2, if the games are too easy then they’re no fun. You don’t want anything you can master too fast.

My and my kid play the Crash Bandicoot series and the Simpsons alot!

stick with nintendo!!! i still have mine and play it here and there.

game consoles haven’t really changed over hte years… same stuff, just more buttons.

you’ll be fine. i love my xbox but ps2 has the better games IMO.

i must have it