AEM EMS Series 1 - $950 NEW

hey guys,

i guess AEM is blowing out their AEM EMS Series 1’s and I’m ordering one for a customer.

there is one more available to me and if i get both i could do $950 each.

anyone interested?

you need a couple sensors to run MAP but they’re only a $250 for the pair from AEM.

$1200 all in… only one left… GO FAST!


no, S13 SR20

probably should have put that in there. :slight_smile:

Or run GM sensors and save some cash there too.

No S13 KA’s available bing?

i’ll find out today… i think the S13 SR’s are done. i got one and a random picked up the other it looks like.

Alright, let me know.

nah, all gones.