Agghhhh!!!!! Need '02 F-body HPTuners now!!!

Long story short, made some changes and car runs like poop and can’t hold idle. Now I finally get to use my new HPTuners dongle with enhanced I/O only to find it has some bugs and craps out everytime I try and read the VCM. HPTuners notifies me that my new dongle needs to be sent back because it falls into the small production run that was found to have “leaky” capacitors. I need to get car going and driveable for a little photoshoot like ASAP. So I need to use someones laptop and cabling to correct my issues. Not sure about the laptop, I won’t if you have the original installation disk that came with your cable. Oh poop someone help me now.

Short short version - need to use your '02 F-body HPTuners software/hardware in the very, very near future.

Oh, poop on me!:crap:

its not important to get to work, or to drive somewhere important. he needs this so he can take pictures of his car. come one people!!!111oneoneone

sorry, i find that really funny.

ya I know it sounds funny. I obviously want to get the car going but its not my primary vehicle so i can deal with a few weeks of downtime. I just wanna make sure my ride gets in the calender and not screw over the people organizing the calenders.

Swap a 13B in there :stuck_out_tongue:


yea u can have mine, if u buy me a 20B :stuck_out_tongue: