AIM fight!


Try to fight me :stuck_out_tongue:


You think you can defeat me?

You are a huge fucking nerd. Top 5% my ass :gay:


its easy to cheat at this… HOWIE!

How do you cheat?

i’m 42,773
clearly no match


actualy no its not, considering its an actual measure of how many people have YOU on THIER buddy list … you could deleate everyone thats listed on your buddy list and it wouldnt change your score, because the system ignores your own buddy list

apparently theres people online right now who still have my 4 year old “badintentionz88” screenname on their list … and my badintentchevy screename is still somewhat listed by people too


^^ yeah that was seriously HI-larious

I wish you could find out who had you on their list

me, poop, and jesus beat you, but HowieSeeYa beats god

also SwimFan85 beats you :lol:

im sooo sore from howie

So he slipped u the ruffies too huh?

private void Howiesee(Galant dsm_broken, DJEquipment winamp, Pimp pimp_factor, OnlinePimp online_pimp_factor) {

AimFight aim_fight_score = new AimFight(this);

this.setPimpScore( (dsm_broken + winamp + pimp_factor) / online_pimp_factor );
this.setHugeNerdScore( online_pimp_factor ^ aim_fight_score );

system.out.println("Howie’s pimp score is " + this.getPimpScore());
system.out.println("Howie’s nerd score is " + this.getHugeNerdScore());
system.out.println(“all your base are belong to ninja… ha ha ha…”);


C:>run HowieSee
C:>Howie’s pimp score is -827374.3994
Howie’s nerd score is 998487734993.34455
all your base are belong to ninja… ha ha ha…

Who’s the nerd? I hate you…

Ahh, biggity bump, let’s see some of you n00bs try to defeat me and my shaolin AIM skillz



molly, molly, ghb, ruffies!


you owned me howie.