All-motor 427 C5 Z06 pass

Yummy BB V8 rumble.


Sorry if it’s a repost.


mmmmmmmmmm that sounds freakin’ awesome

:tup: bad ass

wow very nice… motor setup?

sum juan tell me what happens?

Could be the MTI 427. :shrug:

Lingenfelter is working on a TT app for the C6 Z06 - 950+ bhp :snky:

Twizted, do you by chance live in Hamburg? I think I’ve seen your Teg rolling about (white, lowered?) - you gave me a thumbs up a ways back when I was rolling about in my green machine. If so, :tup: man, that was a nice ride.

Vette runs 10.27 and sounds orgasmic doin’ it. :smiley:



i heart C5’s

of course its not an automatic… his 2-3 was slowwww

very nice :tup: