All the Pittspeed "OGs" can eat a..

Spicy hot wings tonight @ Smokin Joe’s …Beer will flow laughs will be had and I promise to keep MOST of my clothes on so dont be afraid to bring your lady freinds…yamaha,darkstar,… if down IM me …Steelcitymx6

poop… I have to go work on computers tonight. I would love a nice wings and beer night.

Done and done.

I’m down for some wings

wings and beer 2 nights in a row…hmmmm

where is smokin joes?

You know this place called “south side?”

I wish I could come, but theres no way Im making it tonite

Any time after 9…

miss the ol’ buffalo wild wing dayz.

buffalo wild wings is a joke compared to smokin joes wings

I stayed in last night. How about a little more heads up next time and I’ll be in for sure.

rewatching the harry potter series?

this is true. these are close competition to fatheads wings

or your moms inner thigh

werd. I missed this thread or else I would have been down.

true it was short notice, my apologies.

I’ll have you know I’ve beaten people for less.

lol you just cant step in the ring and box

BTW goin to Mr. smalls to see The Sword tonight if you wanna go…they are the band opening for Metallica this summer

Battery crapped out last night. :frowning: