Annoying internet forum lingo/actions:

I’ll start.


I’m so sick of reading in before sentences for example:



Feel free to add.

P.S: I made damn sure I spelled everything right in this post!

People that post up whining on forums :stuck_out_tongue:

but srslyinb4lock

umm but no… “QQ” in some forums annoys me




:word: lol

Anything resembling the word “owned”, as well as using the word in general.

Also get annoyed when I hear internet lingo spoken in the real life scenarios…

people who use lol to follow everything lol

I am going to kill you lol

that is a really great deal lol

sorry :frowning:



do you really?? I have never actually noticed from you. In fact i don’t think that you have ever even remotely bothered me as you have so many people for some odd reason.

Lets say you don’t like religion. You probably won’t frequent a church, mosque, temple, etc. You might bitch about fanatics occasionally, but your life will exist like normal without it.

You aren’t interested in accounting. Chances are I won’t find you reading an a book on tax, costing, or GAAP. You have an accountant who does your taxes, and you hate dealing with him, so you do as little as possible. Sure you might bitch, but you soon forget about it and your life is OK for another year.

You’d prefer to chill at a bar. It’s unlikely that I’d go to Level, the Guvrnment (sp) or somewhere else, and find you sitting around bitching about the loud music and strobing lights.

No one is forcing you to come on this part of the internet and be frequently annoyed, it’s your own choice to do so. By consciously making that decision, you forfeit your right to bitch about it :shrug:

lol I do that all the time

just because you really cant tell mood/seriousness on T3H W3b so it lets the reader know its a joke or sarcastic lol


Thanks I think!


:word: That bothers me too, unless I know its being used as a joke and not because it’s in the persons normal word bank.

yes people choose to be here. but that doesn’t constitute a forfeiture of rights to bitch about stuff that is here. by your definition, nobody on this forum should ever bitch about anything, because they choose to be here. :bloated: you violate your own rule!

You are moderately correct. I somewhat self-pwned.

when people write pwned. like they really misspelled owned.

I’ve heard people in real life say “el oh el” before. Just fucking laugh!

I didn’t make this thread to cry, just to see other peoples opinions