Another one down

I got engaged this weekend for those that care. I have many friends on here and just thought I would let you all know! Were both extremelly happy, and I finally got to suprise her with something! Im sure Jess will post some pics later.

congrats…any ideas on a date yet…i am getting married this summer :slight_smile:

Congrats Spencer

apparently this was the weekend to get engaged. At least you guys have been dating more than a year…

you know what i’m talking about…

ABOUT TIME! Congrats. can i put a “Just Married” sign on the poopra and drive it behind the limo? I will not NOT* light them up…

{has fingers crossed}


Nah we dont have a date or any plans for a wedding yet.

Congrats Spencer!

yeah me too

sucks but oh well

j/k congratz

congrats dude!!

again…Congrats Spencer and Jessica :slight_smile: :beer: I’m so happy for you guys!!!

:tup: Congrats Spencer

congrats to both of you :slight_smile:

goodbye supra

congrats mang :tup:

fuck that…use the Supra as wedding transportation

Congrats once again :tup: Welcome to the club.


i was gonna say something but i decided to be :-X

newmans just sad he couldnt get in on it

yeah, something like that.

congrats :slight_smile: