any peeps out there rockin SUVs?


for a winter beater.

contrary to popular belief… despite the S in SUV standing or sport. they really aren’t sporty, fast, or any other synonym


i have a hitch on my sti. thats pretty fucking utility.

werd, now thats an SUV

i got a van and a truck

My explorers right outside right now

I’ve got a truck…'98 Ram 1500. Probably gonna be selling it soon though, bought it to trailer my car to the track and haul my 4 wheeler around in. So far this year I’ve used it for those things 3 times.


I got a 2004 Ranger 4x4…bought it to tow my boat that I might someday have enough money to think about buying…

“I need a boat…first I need a truck to tow it…now i dont have money for a boat”

way to think ahead

A-D-D’s a bitch



What about slow. :slight_smile:

I have a crazy fast jeep grand cherokee (at least sleepy said it was mid 14’s).

I just got a 2001 Jeep Grand Chreokee…and i LOVE it!

Well I’m rockin the blazer as it is the only working vehicle at the moment.

fuck that suv shit.

Good to see I am not alone! Why are some of you talking shit about SUVs? I never said mine was fast but its got some balls. I can carry tons of stuff. I can tow a trailer all day and night. Its good in the snow. The hunnies love it. Not a sportscar like a corvette but I dont fit in those comftably anyway (I am 6’6"). Big rims dont look stupid on them. Lots of room for a system. SUVs can be pimp if they are done up right. Mine is getting there.

94 winter beater blazer tazer hurr