Anybody know where i can get a briggs diaphragm locally? (lawnmower)

I need a diaphragm for a carb on a recent briggs lawnmower.

I went to two lawnmower shops, and they want me to pay them to repair it rather than selling the 5 dollar piece of rubber that is keeping my lawnmower from running right.

Does anybody know of any place around that stocks these locally?

I can order it online, but I’d like to cut the lawn sometime this week…

Hectors would be the only place I could think of.

just ask the dude with the handlebar stash. (the one on transit in lanc/depew)
he knows everything.

There is a small motor repair shop on niagara st neat the ontario street exit of the 190. yellow page it and call there. It was the only place I found locally to order me small engine parts and they’re cheaper than the internet.

I just ordered a bunch of stuff right from briggs and stratton’s website. Their shipping says 3-5 days. But the throttle body diaphragm and air filter are back-ordered by a couple days. I don’t see how you can beat the briggs prices. the diaphragm, filter, intake manifold, and seal I bought were $15. $8 for shipping and handling sucks though. Wish I saw this thread earlier, I could of thrown your part on my order.

I hear you on the grass cutting situation though. My grass is getting really long. Luckily the house next door is for sale and hasn’t been cut yet this year so mine doesn’t look that bad.

You can get all the common briggs stuff from NAPA, they should be able to cross reference the briggs number in the computer. The East Aurora store is real good with things like this, I don’t know if any of the city stores would be helpful.

I just bought the diaphragm from Ed Youngs on Main in W’ville for $4.99. Replaced it in a couple minutes and the lawnmower runs as good as new.

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Try the Sears service center in buffalo.
Thats where I found replacement parts for my air compressor…

Sears uses briggs engines, so they should have some.

Just an update, Lowes sells the carb diaphragm kit for 4 dollars…

I replaced the diaphragm, spring, filter, and gasket in about ten minutes, and cleaned the entire carb.

Starts on the first pull, and cured that weird surging idle problem…

ed youngs true value sells em for about that or less IIRC. Main st in williamsville.

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