Anyone end up investing in Bitcoins?

China is now eating them up and has skyrocketed prices for the coins. Curious is anyone else here bought any.

I have some

I was looking into it earlier this year but never did, damn.

Sketchy investment seeing the US government might go full retard at any point.


Insert scam/ponzi scheme

I have just been doing recurring buys every week and holding them. Only thing is them blocking transfers out of the accounts but the good part is that there is a lot of other countries jumping on board and causing the price to skyrocket. I think the next dip I may buy a few more. I wish I was smarter about 3 years ago and still had the 1,000 I mined.

Guess I will just have to keep working on my bitcoin betting site to make them back.

If I could go back in time I’d do it, but not today.

Still not too late. US government aside, there is a huge international build for it. As more local places accept it, it will be another boost. Working with some local places who sell online and take orders and helping implement Bitcoin for payments. The get killed for transaction fees with Paypal and Credit Cards so getting them situated with Bitcoin.

Don’t you find that business that decide to use bitcoin end up being greedy and pocketing the savings instead of passing them on to the consumer.

If they don’t do this then why would they even bother trying to accept it.

beyond currency speculation I have no interest in bitcoin and I feel I missed the boat on easy risk/reward.

Same situation for someone coming in and paying with Credit or Cash. You buy a $5 item at a store, you pay cash, the business gets the full $5 (minus taxes after the fact) but they pay with a card, the merchant is paying the small percentage and could reduce their revenue from the sale to $4.75 for example. When you use bitcoin or sell goods for bitcoin, you can allow people to pay and buy your goods with no fee so whether online or in person, that $5 is fully yours. Some lines of business this fee isn’t a huge deal but for the smaller places selling goods and getting hit with the fees, it can help them stay competitive and not lose out on revenue.

even if I had bitcons, I’d always used my credit card if the price is the same. Forget cash, I try never to use that old stuff, it costs me 1.5% more at minimum (CC rewards)

I just use them today as a storage thing and use my debt card for purchases still. I have recurring buys every week of 1-2 and just let them sit. We are at the upward pull of another surge so we will probably see a small window around the 200 mark and then it up to $300-350 per coin by December.

You’re honestly the only person I know that talks/uses bitcoins.

Most not have a lot of tech friends

Yay Buffalo

aren’t those capped up to 1,500 per quarter?

cap. one has a 1.5% unlimited cash back card, I use it when one of my other cards won’t give my 5%.

If they aren’t big in Buffalo then they must not exist.

Meh, I’m not convinced yet

I’m not saying that as a jab, after you posted about these months ago I’ve been checking up on them/what not.

I just don’t see it taking off, it does have potential though, but not enough for me to invest I feel.

You also need to remember that things that aren’t big or quickly adopted in America yet does not mean they aren’t big across the world. Other counties don’t have access to the things we have here with even simple things such as open internet access (even if the NSA is reading everything we are doing).

Most people don’t use Western Union but it is big internationally with about 600,000 daily transactions. Yes, this is only .1% of compared to the likes of Visa/Mastercard who control the game with even Paypal coming in at 7,700,000 but Bitcoins growth and transactions are slowly gaining on it due to the cost and simplicity to send money across the globe to people without dealing with third parties. Already 10% of the volume that Western Union has with the growth of legit funds and are now looking to offer holdings in BTC.