ANYONE wanna wire up my 96 hatch?

it has a 99 gsr swap in it and needS the wiring finished up, 96 hatch 99gsr swap, with an obd1 p-72 ecu, and a obd1-obD2 JUMPER HARNESS, AND A OBD2 V-TEC HARNESS


lmk pls

if you have the jumper harness shouldnt it just be a direct fit no pinning required? or do you need everything clipped and just not sure what clips where?

Is there nothing done now? I can do it no problem, but its hard to judge a price… .just depends on how much time, and if you want to come all the way up to butler :tounge:

Have Jason(gearhead) do it! You won’t be sorry. He can even it haul it on his flat bed and tune it when he’s done. It will be money well spent…

jay is good but he is a whore.

i’ll do it for ya

Bring it down to my shop! im right over in clairton.
can pick up also.