Asian Massage Parlor review-Lily's Spa, Laurel MD

So, I have Tuesdays off and not much to do…

I went online and went AMP hunting. Not too much info out there that is current for MD, but I found a # for Lily’s. I called it, and the place is still open, and I got the hint that it was more then just a massage since they stayed open late…

Went there, and they had the classic setup (ring the bell and they unlock the door). Mama-san greeted me and showed me to the potty as I had to pee. Upon my exit, I was greeted by a stunning asian woman, who showed me to my room.

After an excellent massage, she tickled my balls and asked if I would like ‘anything else’. So, I flipped over and put her hand on my massive (curved) erection, and she did an excellent job of finishing her duties of relaxing me. Great experience, I’ll probably hit it up every couple months or so.

Shit damn, I need my Asian fix :lol

Madam Kamei’s Phillipino Palace?

they’ll massage your cock for money, i think there’s a word for that, uhh hooker

You’re a hooker!

MSNBC’s Dateline’s next visit is MD for the underground Brothel’s.

we all want to know, what was the damage?

Women have paid me for sex before.

It was about 100 bucks, well worth it for an excellent massage and a great ending. Nothing that I’d do on a regular basis, but maybe every couple months or so.

I love Asians !


Any Asian whore houses around here? :lol

one of those nail places is probably a front for something

raceipts or it never happened!

Best I can do is post pics of her sucking my cock…

pics, yes but of her and not u please. TT, love u dog but i have seen ur willy already and dont need to peep that again. haha

I …LOVE…asian girls so much!

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Being we all know what your cock looks like, Lets hope to god we see more of her head. Im pretty sure she could of fit all of u in her mouth…lol

u know from expierence?

I guess you missed out on the pics of his dick hes been posting in some of his “story” threads.

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