Audio Books

:picard: they don’t, but they have programming all day long that’s not music, but is something to listen to at work :picard:

They do offer up pod casts of past programming too.

I get the podcasts.

I get everything I own off demonoid its like GOD

I thought you were being snarky about the thread asking for audiobooks, while I was recommending radio.


I was trying to get info about the audio books for the fact I am dumb as fuck and also cant read well… I think if I retain at least 25% Im going to learn something

No problem, I love NPR. I just had never heard of NPR doing audiobooks and wasn’t completely sure if they did or not.

Ok so I started one today … it’s different …I picked a Dan Brown book but I should have pick a book that they did not make a movie about … meh

Just wondering what you guys may listen to or dare I say read?

I now have around 23 GB in audio books on my phone now.

I’m currently listening to this one.

Published in 2008, seems pretty on point for how he ‘would have’ behaved as a president. Still pushes the motivational work hard at what you love etc…

Not a book but whenever we go on any road trip it seems like we’ve been putting on a podcast called “Small town murders” which we love because of all the stats and information they give leading up to the story of the murder, giving a good background of the town, the people and situation. Then pretty good information on the murders.

I’ll have to look that one up.

Edit: from the above book. “Hillary is a wonderful woman” DJT 2007. Lol