Audio Books

What are your thoughts about them? Are you able to get “into” them just like if you where reading them??.. I am looking for something else other then music to listen to all day at work … Right now i have my iPod in for 9 hours stright and you can only have so much music …

I don’t get as much out of them as I do reading them. I probably retain about 50% actually. But they’re good for when I want something more enriching than music while I’m working out.

Right now I’m listening to:

Very interesting.

Right now the music is just to block out the “clucking hens” … but I wanted to try a book but before I did I wanted to know if anyone else does it

good thread. I’ve been wanting to do the same thing. Radio and music has been getting old for some time.

Fry, how is that book so far? I’m just starting to read:

and next wanted to read The Real George Washington.

my other issue is I dont know if it will pass time faster or slower … rihgt now if I dont have my iPod in the day drags … with just the music in the backgroung it goes by real nice…

What if you dont like said voice on book … lol

Monica listens to them in the car a lot. I wouldn’t think it’d be good for work since I typically have to think at work, and just noise going in to my ears would mean I’d lose a lot of the book. She says to avoid the abridged versions, they just don’t make sense.

I found it to pass the night quicker than music but its not worth the cost IMO. Your paying >$8 for an audio file and no hard copy. I like the ability to open up a book and read it.

You should get the audio file free when you buy the hard copy book at full price.

I will be getting them at $0 cost

If I could get some at zero cost, i would probably try to listen to them instead of music.

Whats one more voice in my head really… Maybe the others would settle down some and pay attention.


Additional expense of having some voice actor sit and read a book for 15 hours isn’t cheap, then editing and production. You’d make every book more expensive for people that don’t want to pay for it.

If you are that lazy, but a Kindle and have it read to you.

It’s really good. It has a lot of author’s interpetation so I wouldn’t read it necessarily for historical accuracy’s sake, but it’s interesting as hell and it’s not too hard to pick the opinion from fact.

Both of Obama’s books and Bill Clinton’s book were read by themselves. The GW book was read by some professional reader or something. The voices are decent.

Same. I listen to them when chugging away at cardio in the gym. I’m going to be spending a lot of time driving to/from syracuse this year since that’s where the product line I’m managing now gets built so I’ll be listening to a lot of them in the car.


Thanks, gonna have to put this one on my list.

Damn, this list of books to read just keeps growing. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to get to all of them.

Try NPR too, I tend to listen to that in the car and at work.


national publuc radio

ahh i did the cnn thing that was gay every 3 hours it was the same thing

“the cnn thing?” :picard:

cnn != npr

wxxi doesn’t repeat programming from 9am to 5pm (hours I listen) weekdays, so i think you might be talking about something else

I dont think i would like radio due to the fact I dont like to listen about news and shit

I didn’t know npr had Audiobooks.

I know demonoid has them. I donwloaded a Drew Carey one read by him, it was interesting. I also have a couple George Carlin books.

In 7th grade we listened to the whole Hobbit book, which was really good.