Audiophiles called out

You can’t even master the English language, who in their right mind would take you seriously?

Aside from price, what was different about them?


Without a question, it would be awesome to not care what the music i download sounds like. But unfortunately, i do… And its a real PITA to find lossless music from random artists that generally nobody knows about.

But mp3’s just sound soo dam bad…


Im on a wireless keyboard thats a wonder its working at all, and i find my spelling to be better than most on forums.

Was i asking you to take me seriously? I stated my opinion, that is all.

There was some serious bass definition that came out of nowhere, and i actually had somewhat of a image. Its just cheap stuff, its not anything good, and it wasn’t painful to listen to like it had been with the old cables just casually listening to some downloaded content.

Like I said, what was different about the cables?

One had black heat shrink and the other had blue.

lol don’t belittle me :nono:


Regardless of what the cables ACTUALLY sound like, if the guy thinks they sound better, and feels they are worth the insane price he spent on them, what’s wrong with that? He is enjoying the product, it doesn’t actually have to be better. I don’t see the big deal with people and cables. Even if they didn’t make a difference, there is people that think they do. That is all that matters.



this is called being fucking retarded! which is the whole point of everything we are saying!

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He never said i couldn;t post it lol…

Walter is my hero in this thread.

I run speaker wire I got from my dad that was produced in the 60’s. its pure silver.

doesnt help that I run my computer through a logitech system through a radio shack 3.5mm to dual rca to my reciever, but it works, and my speakers still sound fantastic.

As much as mp3s suck, I am at least getting the most out of them.

and since i dont feel like making a new thread for it.

Hey walter, I am having a problem with my Klipsch subwoofer, It picks up a local jazz FM radio station.

The broadcast tower is about a half mile from my house.

would it be the 6 foot monster cable? Or the Sub itself.

My velodyne with an off brand 30 foot cable does not do this.




So, your saying there is without a doubt no difference between cables? Or it is there, but its soo small its practically useless?

Did you read what he wrote?

i’m saying that if you think there is that much of a notable difference to pay 2500 for a wire, let alone 7000, you should shoot yourself in the face.

make sure to setup a camera and have a friend host the video while playing a shitty quality mp3.

edit: where is my fucking ice pick

Oh hell no, i never understood who the fuck would actually PAY for this shit… The first cable i payed for in my life besides dollar store speaker cable for unrelated purposes was 2 weeks ago, $8 HDMI cable. It does its job just fine… And it was $8…

But when your spending $40,000 on speakers, $20,000 on each and for each speaker, some insane amount for your room to be built ‘perfect’, $50 a outlet… etc… What the hell is $7,000? Obviously you got money.