This can’t possibly be as difficult as it seems to be…

The scenario:

  • I have all 10 of the new Family Guy episodes that I downloaded as AVI files.

  • I want to put them on DVDs that can be viewed on a standalone DVD player.
    The problem:

  • Only the first episode works perfectly

  • All other episodes give no audio in the DVD player

  • They play perfectly fine on the PC
    I have the following tools at my disposal:

  • VirtualDubMod

  • TMPGEnc

  • IFOEdit

  • AVICodec

  • AudioGrabber

  • All2MP3

  • Winamp

  • Pinnacle Studio

  • Nero 5.5
    So far the procedure started out simple, and has grown in complexity as I try to make it work. I use TMPGEnc to change the XVid MPeg4 encoded AVI files to MPEG 2. It generates separate audio and video files. The video file generated is fine in every case. It always works. The audio on Episode 401 is the only one that works. According to AVICodec, it is an mp3 encoded at 192kb and at 44.1kHz. The other files are using variable bitrate encoding, and a sampling rate of 48kHz. If I had my Win98 machine still running, I would easily be able to handle the conversion with Wavelab.

With my current setup, I have to do the following:

  • change the mp3 to a wav file using Winamp
  • use all2mp3 to re-encode a new mp3 from that wav file (because Audiograbber bitches about the 48k sampling rate). All2MP3 converts the sampling rate to 44.1kHz.
  • convert the new mp3 back to wav using Winamp again
  • Use Audiograbber to encode an mp3 at 192kb and 44.1kHz.
    After all that is done, I use IFOEdit to multiplex the video and audio, then Nero to burn it to DVD.

Bottom line, there’s got to be an easier way.

Anybody else tried doing an AVI to DVD conversion like this? If it weren’t for the MPEG4, it probably wouldn’t be such a big deal and I could just do it with Pinnacle.

I wonder if it’ll open in Vegas. That might be a time-consuming RENDER, but the setup would be pretty painless.

Bring one of the offending AVI files to me, and we’ll see what we can do. I’m not making any claims one way or the other, but if it works, it would save you lots of time / effort.

You may reach me on my cellular telephone: 716-310-5723

Can’t you rip the audio to a wav in virtual dub, then in TMPGEnc select the .avi file for the video and the .wav file for the audio, and TMPGEnc does the rest of the work? Then I take the .mpg file and use TMPGEnc DVD Author to tie all the episodes together and make chapters and all that crap.

bahh just use nero

The audio needs to end up in AC3 format for use on DVD.

word, nerovision express. end of story, all done no f-ing around. i use it all the time for similar tv-dvd conversions.

Will it handle multiple .tivo files to one DVD?

i can’t speak for .tivo files personally, but avi mpg wmv etc – yes. you can create a dvd menu and select which scene or episode to launch as well…

btw you will still be limited as to quality/play time just as you would with anything else. so you might have to break family guy into 2-3 discs depending on the overall play length.

I did this for a few futurama seasons… 1 season per disc… the quality you download them at usually is far from DVD so there wasnt much quality loss…

its super easy and theres tons of options for menus and whatnot…


I just wish nero didnt force its shitty decoders on you upon install… :ham:

and holy crap i read what you tried to do :eek:
w/ nero ultra vers 6 i think… it comes with the express program… you just drop in what video files and it converts everything to whatever and does it all for you… you just pick what videos thats it :smiley:

Victory is mine!

Using TMPGEnc to convert the 44.1kHz wav files to an mp2 with constant rate 192kb instead of using Audiograbber to convert to mp3 was the key. Since I’ve already got 44.1kHz wav files made for all of the episodes, it will be easy to get the rest of this project done. Two DVDs with 5 episodes each, and the quality is more than acceptable. I’ve seen more artifacting on the commercial Simpsons DVDs than I am seeing with these conversions.