AWD cars can't trap well...

ummm yeah…

yay drag cars go fast :tup:

This threads subject title floats around every car forum…and has been for years now.

wow, pretty damn nice :tup:

still impressive, u can’t deny that. also it still has glass windows and the only c/f on the body is the hood…not a full out drag car anyways

giggity giggity

gotta love shep… and gotta love going to see shep run at norwalk. (cough fatmatt better be in attendance…cough cough*)

Yay drag cars that runs 8 and get there not on trailers and not getting 4 MPG :slight_smile:

shepard is dsm heros

all dsm guys say “shepard this, blah blah”

wonder how he keeps his running?

off the hopes and dreams of the dsm community

haha… so true.

He makes ggod shit, and a lot of people buy it. Every platform needs a hero.

You’re my hero Jack. :smiley:


that is ill. His car is rediculous



I think the hair on the back of my neck stood up when I read that. And then the sun came out, and a bird sang.

Shep also does stuff for the 3KGT as well…

yeah, that’s kinda sorta fast


Very impressive.

Exactly. Shep’s car is anything but a straight out Drag car.

The car has registered plates, gets to the track on it’s own power and all.

wonder what its like to run an 8.55 at 176

Watching that car move is just crazy… shep really knows what he’s doing… :tup:

Word, an ls1 would do that on 87 oct, street tires, full interior, ac on, pulling a boat, up hill, in the snow,