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Ugh wow…

i need to fix my car like now…

In case it is hard to read…

8.43 @ 170 1/4 mile
5.55 @ 136 1/8 mile
1.41 60’

Go Shep :tup: , yeah that car is ridiculous

too bad your car ain’t gonna do that lmao


Shuttup Pink Civic driver…


Wow, 170 mph :tup:

not even his highest trapping pass

he did 177 at 8.55 i believe :wink:

Correct sir…

Kingsario, where are your Papadakis sack riding skills??? Get on the wagon, fuckface…

the only leather I ride is in my car…suede, but your doing a good job riding :tup:

whats the studder once the lights drop?

…like a half of a second, then the car scoots?

I believe it was in the great words of a smaller asian fella :

“Lag for traction, Top end for tha traction.”




that does the 1/4 faster than i do the 1/8th :frowning: